Gift some Twisted Pup Leather Co.


So we’ve officially been online for a month now and WOW! What a great response we are getting about our products.

Some small milestones that got us all #Twisted!

  • OVER 2000 Instagram followers!
  • Our first online sales have been going out from the website!
  • We were approached by Tapelenders, Dallas to do an exclusive collection for their store.
  • Updates to merchandise and products on the website
    and adding NEW features (like gift cards & the ability to add suspenders to the “endurance collection“)!
  • We are making more harnesses and will be doing another photoshoot in May to show off what we’ve made and hopefully get YOU in some Twisted Pup Leather Gear!


  • If you are in the Dallas area, you should stop in to Tapelenders on April 29th for the launch party of our Twisted Pup Leather products in their store! Models will be on-hand, wearing the latest in leather and Andrew Christian underwear! Join us for complimentary cocktails and receive a FREE gift bag when you purchase a harness during this special event.
Gift some Twisted Pup Leather Co.
Twisted Pup Leather Co. at Tapelenders Dallas

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